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5 Things To Consider About Garage Building In Minneapolis

5 Things To Consider About Garage Building In Minneapolis

You're done without having a good place to park the car or work on your hobbies for long enough, so now you're planning a garage building project in Minneapolis? No matter what you plan to do with the space, there are a few things you'll want to know about garage building.

First, you should know that garage building is a custom project because you get to make choices, and that's great news. Truly, you're at an advantage if you can build a garage according to your needs and tastes rather than being stuck with one you don't like that was original to your Minneapolis home.

Speaking of choices, there's going to be plenty of other decisions you'll need to make before you ever start the garage building process in Minneapolis.

Deciding between an attached or detached garage - Space & other restrictions

Before you make a decision about whether to build an attached garage or detached garage, one of the first things you'll need to look at it the space requirements of your property and any other restrictions.

  • Attached garages for easy access to the house or detached?
  • Where would a new garage look best on your property?
  • Where and how much access space does the garage need?
  • Is there enough space on the side, back, or front of your property to build a garage?
  • Is there enough room for a driveway turnaround area?
  • What are the special restrictions for garage building such as the height, setback from the street requirements, and positioning on your property?
  • Is there an HOA which requires a specific style, colors, or materials?

Choosing the materials

  • What materials will enhance the design of your home rather than take away from it?
  • What type of insulation do you want, do you want to “go green”?
  • Do you need to match the brick, rock, or other siding of your home?
  • What's the difference in the materials costs if there are several options to choose between?

Choosing the design of the garage

When you decided to take on a garage building project, what did you have in mind to do with the space? Did you want a hobby shop, a covered garage to work on cars, a place to story your lawn equipment, or a garage with a second-story apartment?

  • Do you want a traditional garage with complete roof and walls or a carport style garage with traditional roof and low walls?
  • What layout would work best for what you plan to do in the garage?
  • How much space do you need to maneuver in and where does it need to be located on the floor plan?
  • Does there need to be space for a laundry room?
  • Do you want garage windows or a wide overhead door?
  • What type of lighting and how many electrical outlets do you want?

Choosing your garage building contractor

  • Can they help you get the best prices for quality materials?
  • Can they give you the design and amenities you want?
  • Do they offer good communication?
  • What's their experience level with garage building design? Can they build the garage you want and make it look like it was originally built with your home?

Garage building costs vary

How much it costs to build your garage will depend on a wide range of factors. Everything from how large the garage is, whether or not you need plumbing, how much electrical work is needed, and whether you're building a detached or attached garage will make a difference in the cost.

The garage building contractor you choose makes a difference as well. Most of the cost will go toward materials, so find a contractor who can get you the best prices without sacrificing the quality of the materials. Experienced garage building contractors like ours at All City Improvements know where to get the best materials at the best prices. If you want to build a garage in Minneapolis, call us!

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