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5 Whole Home Remodeling Rehabs For A Quick Sale

5 Whole Home Remodeling Rehabs For A Quick Sale

Whole home remodeling can get a house ready to sell but you want to make the best decisions which bring you the most return on investment. Home remodeling companies often offer you the best advice for rehabing a house to put on the real estate market.

The longer your house sits on the market, the longer you'll be paying a mortgage so a quick sale is a must. Unfortunately, that's what everyone expects but very few get.

With the right improvements, you'll attract more potential buyers and get the best asking price for your home. Whether you are an investor doing rehabs for flipping or have lived in your home for years, take a look at these 5 whole home remodeling rehabs that can lead to a quick sale. Call our team at All City Improvements today!


A good roof is a necessity for any home buyer. While the roof of your house doesn't have to be brand new, it should be in good repair if you plan to sell the house quickly. Make sure all roof repairs are done or replace an old roof if it is leaking.

Exterior Siding

Old wood siding or weather-beaten rock and brick can be a huge problem if you are trying to sell a home. New exterior siding can provide an instant facelift for any home. New siding can be installed over most existing siding materials, so call a local professional to check out your options.


A house with working gutters that are still in good shape will sell faster. Get rid of the old damaged, sagging gutters and replace them before you put the home on the market. If there are no gutters at all, there are probably water drainage issues that need to be remedied. Install new gutters to help solve the problems and your potential buyers won't be as likely to make low-ball offers.

Exterior Painting

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way to make a house look inviting and well-cared for. Buyers won't stop to look at a house with paint peeling off. Make sure the exterior is painted with a quality paint so you can add that to the list of benefits of buying your home.

Interior Remodeling

Will the potential buyers want to see the inside of your house? The interior needs to be as attractive as the exterior, so it's wise to make some updates that matter. With interior remodeling, focus on updates that will bring you the most return on investment:

  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Replacing floors
  • Drywall & ceiling repair
  • Interior painting

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