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Avoiding Roofing Scams In The Wake Of Hail Storms

Avoiding Roofing Scams In The Wake Of Hail Storms

Following storm damage, it is easy to feel vulnerable and make mistakes about your repair services. In fact, this is exactly what storm chasers are banking on, literally. Storm chasers are the bands of out-of-town contractors that show up following severe storm activity. They know how to manipulate homeowners who have just been through a devastating blow.

They prey on unsuspecting victims, during their time of need. However, if you are aware of what to look for, you are already reducing the likelihood that you will become a casualty in the aftermath of the storm.

What to Watch For

It's no surprise really that so many people fall victim each year to these con artists. Often referred to as roofing gypsies, many of these swindlers travel the country tracking storms and arriving in the wake of the aftermath.

So what should you watch for and how can you avoid this?

  • Steer clear of any roofing contractor who seeks you out. They often go door-to-door handing out flyers and offering free on-the-spot inspections.
  • It is true that time is of the essence when it comes to roofing repairs, these high-pressure self-proclaimed pros will use scare tactics into letting you start working, or at least “take a look.”
  • Having inside familiarity of how the insurance process works, these con artists will give you a low-ball estimate, which sounds good. In actuality, all they do is put on a cheap roof without addressing any of the existing issues, like repairs.

The trouble is that a homeowner may not even discover early on that the work is inferior. On average, a rooftop installed by a storm chaser lasts about 5-7 years. There is also no way to get back in contact with the roofer who is now long gone to another city or even state, probably even using a different name.

Make it a point not to let someone work on your home who has approached you, unless you take the time to research their company. Ask for proof of license and insurance, as well as find out about their local office. If they have nothing more than a post office box, this is a big red flag. Try to work only with established roofing contractors; that means they are not likely to disappear into thin air following your job.

The Name to Trust

All City Improvements is a family-owned and operated outfit, and we care about the clients we work with in the Minneapolis area. We know how to correctly handle storm damage, because we are familiar with what our local weather tends to dish out. Don't settle for less than the best, when it comes to something as important as your roofing.

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