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Difference Between Commercial & Residential Roofing in Minneapolis

Difference Between Commercial & Residential Roofing In Minneapolis

Did you know that the roofing in Minneapolis used for a house or building has a huge impact on the entire structure itself? Damage caused to roofs due to natural or other disasters causes a considerable loss of property everywhere. The kind of materials used to construct the roof which should be sturdy and long lasting, the manner in which the roof has been installed and even its timely maintenance are very crucial.

There are two types of roofs which are used on all the buildings that we see around us: commercial and residential. Although it may seem that commercial roofing is done only for businesses or offices and residential roofing is done for apartments and houses, in reality the differences are much more complex than that.

Differences Between Residential & Commercial Roofing in Minneapolis

  • Minneapolis residential roofing is usually completed by just one hired contractor but commercial roofing usually takes a whole team to complete the job. This is because a commercial roof tends to be larger in terms of square feet than a residential roof.
  • Commercial roofs need to be made carefully keeping the nature and purpose of the building in mind. For instance, if there is a restaurant in the building then external components like ventilation systems, smoke stacks and pipes will be required. Residential roofs usually do not have such components other than a chimney or two at the most.
  • Commercial roofs tends to be flat in design to accommodate further changes at a later period, whereas most residential roofs have peaks and other architectural features like roof gardens.
  • Minneapolis commercial roofing is much more expensive than residential roofing because of the special tools, materials and safety equipment that are needed onsite. Often the patching or maintenance work is done in segments unlike for a residential roof where the repair or replacement work can be completed in a short time. This is another reason why the equipment used for residential roofs is often smaller and less expensive as well.
  • Commercial roof installations take a longer time to complete in comparison to residential roof installations and are usually constructed in large sections. During this phase however, it is important to ensure that there are no leakages, cracks or any other visible wear and tear signs as it can cause considerable damage to the whole building.

It is important to install the right roof for a building depending on its purpose. Ensure that you hire a Minneapolis roofing contractor that uses top notch materials and has the right equipment for the job or your investment may turn out to be a huge loss later.

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