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Red Flags That Indicate You Need Roof Repairs

Red Flags That Indicate You Need Roof Repairs

Is it time to hire a roofing contractor to address your need for repairs? The problem is that the average homeowner doesn't know the current state of their rooftop because they're not staying up-to-date with their inspections.

Roof inspections should be conducted twice a year following any severe weather events. Or, you can play the "wait and see" game and find out the hard way you've sprung a leak. If you're behind on your inspection appointments, there are some warning signs to watch out for that will let you know if you need professional help.

Major Signs Your Roof Needs Repair Service

Inspections should always be part of your residential roofing routine. However, if you've been slacking a bit, you should at least be on the lookout for signs that could mean it's time for roof repair service.

  • Water Leaks - You'll notice these in your attic or interior ceilings. Don't hesitate to call a professional! Holes in the roof can quickly lead to the need for roof replacement.
  • Compromised Shingles - Your shingles have a very important job and that's to keep your sub-roof and home protected from the elements. Damaged or missing shingles leave room for rain and other weather mess to get through.
  • Sagging Roof - Sagging is a serious indication of repair needs due to trapped moisture. If not quickly addressed, you may find roof replacement is your only viable option.
  • Visible Light - Go into your attic to see if you can see daylight and if so, call us immediately for help. Holes in your roof are a serious problem, so make sure you deal with them as soon as possible.

Hire The Trusted Local Roofing Experts

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Please get in touch with us in Minneapolis when you need a skilled, licensed roofing contractor. Our team will work hard to provide you with repairs to avoid early replacement, but we will always do what's best for your home.

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